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  1. The Latest From Greenville OG Blake Franks

    I would say the opposite. I think Carolina has made great strides at Greenville, based on what a kid I know who plays for them said. Beamer has done a lot of work there in just two years.
  2. Parker White signs with the Packers

    As a Packer fan, I'm very happy about this. We've got Nixon, Enagbare, and now White.
  3. Programs with the most portal entries

    I just wonder how much longer A&M will keep Jimbo, despite his huge contract. I never understood why they wanted him in the first place. I know he won a National Championship at FSU, but if I remember correctly, he won that with mainly Bowden's players. After the National Championship, FSU...
  4. “The risk of playing in the bowl is too great”

    I agree with this. If I was on a team, I would not want to let my teammates down. I’m an individualist, and the older I get the less I want to be dependent on others, but when you are on a team, there is a camaraderie that develops and you don’t break that.
  5. Blackstone Griddle

    Thanks! I’ll check that out.
  6. Blackstone Griddle

    I got the Blackstone 36” griddle. That way I can do big breakfasts and other stuff when all my kids come over.
  7. Poll POLL OF THE WEEK: Rattler has not decided if he will return for a second season with the Gamecocks. The question stays or goes?

    I would think the people around him would be advising him that he could potentially make a whole lot more money by staying another year.
  8. Blackstone Griddle

    I bought a Blackstone a few weeks ago, and have been having fun with it. Anyone have any recipes or things I need to cook on it?
  9. South Carolina’s Jaheim Bell headed to the transfer portal

    I don't think this is a huge deal. Bell is a playmaker, but not a make or break loss. We need to pick up this transfer kid from Maryland, and sign Cameron Perfater from Greenville High, and we will be good.
  10. OC choices

    Well, the sophisticated remark was a Seinfeld reference that went completely over your head. Secondly, you seem to have everything all figured out and are in the know, so gosh, we’re all really impressed. Thirdly, and probably most important, find some joy, Dude.
  11. World Cup 2022

    Yeah, it just didn’t look that rough to me. I’m glad he’s ok.
  12. World Cup 2022

    I was really surprised that Pulisic was injured on that play. It didn't look all that violent to me.
  13. OC choices

    I hope Stepp has been calling the plays. That would be so awesome! I love how Beamer seems to be setting up with analysts to replace coaches who move on. It's makes so much sense to maintain continuity for playcalling and player confidence. I don't know that that is truly the case, but I...
  14. OC choices

    I would really love to know what was actually going on behind the scenes. Had Beamer already told Satterfield he wasn't going to be retained, were they working it out to save face for Satt, had they talked to Rhule, was someone else calling plays? I don't know the answer to any of those...
  15. OC choices

    Is it time for a "I don't care if we call plays while wearing a pink tutu, as long as we win" statement?
  16. Florida commit Marcus Stokes loses scholarship offer for rapping racial slur in video

    I'm with you in this. If he was just singing along with the song, then he has bad taste in music. If it's not offensive in the song, it's not offensive to sing along to, and if it wasn't offensive for the "artist" to say, how can it be offensive for anyone else to say?
  17. OC choices

    I understand your point, we can't keep making changes and expect to gain any footing. However, we have made great strides in Special Teams and Defense. There is one phase of the game in which we are not just failing to get better, we are regressing. I don't know if the answer is to fire the...
  18. TE Luke Chilton had a phone call from TE coach Jody Wright

    Cameron Perfater also got a call on Thursday night.
  19. Recruiting notes

    According to what I've heard, the coaching staff is evaluating Cameron Perfater, a tight end from Greenville High School, and are wanting to make him an offer of some sort. I've known this kid since he was born, and know his work ethic and drive. He's not the biggest, but the kid has guts, and...