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  1. What will it cost to go the Dukes Mayo opener vs UNC

    That’s a lotta cash for crappy seats. Won’t be surprised if it’s half empty.
  2. Drones (photography)

    Yeah, I’ve seen that one, pretty cool, I don’t know if I really wanna sink $500 into this hobby just yet but I considered it. I tried to fly my little drone today to get some pictures of the footers from above but it was so windy I nearly lost the dam thing in the road and I was a few hundred...
  3. Blackstone Griddle

    Yeah, with you on the mom and pop shops, and I’ve gone crosseyed reading reviews and reports on appliances.
  4. Blackstone Griddle

    Yeah, Thermadore is owned by Bosch. My wife loved the wolf range (as expected they are in every home catalog you look at) and I thought I wanted the Bluestar, until I played with it a bit, and realized open burners would be a total PITA to clean. Thermadore makes really nice stuff, and they...
  5. Blackstone Griddle

    That would be correct! They were so helpful, gave great advice and were knowledgeable about all the brands as well as the service aspect. He knew the service techs by name and their turnaround times. He also was great about not pushing a particular product or trying to upsell anything.
  6. Blackstone Griddle

    We went with Wolf, 36” dual fuel 4 burner and infrared griddle. Went with Bosch for the refrigerator (Sub Zero was a bit out of our price range and honestly we didn’t like it as much as the Bosh) We found a little mom and pop shop in Spartanburg, spoke with the owner (3rd generation) for a few...
  7. Blackstone Griddle

    Yeah, we looked at some higher end brands so I can’t speak to the Lowe’s, HD etc lead times. Of the brands we considered the lead times were anywhere from available today to 8 weeks, 8-10 months, and 10 months to a year. The house is going to be finished before the appliances come in so I guess...
  8. Blackstone Griddle

    We bought a new range for our new house, has a 12” infrared griddle built in, I’m curious to see how it works if it’s like a black stone. Not sure how hot the black stone gets so will be an interesting comparison. Unfortunately there’s an 8-10 month wait list on my appliance.
  9. Drones (photography)

    Has anyone had any experience with drones, specifically in terms of photography? I am in the process of building a home and my dad gave me a drone for Christmas with the idea of taking pictures/videos of the build process. The issue is that it’s a fairly basic drone with a pretty bad camera. I...
  10. Clemson OC move

    Lucky for Dabo, they play very few quality defenses in the ACC. His offense should torch most of the teams in the ACC and they will win another ACC championship or 2. Like you, I doubt he’ll stay for more than a few years before moving to a HC job.
  11. Clemson OC move

    I simply said he has more pedigree and has shown success in the college game. Right now he is a measurably better hire. That doesn’t mean I’m pulling for him or anything else, it’s simply stating facts. I don’t think he will stay at Clemson for more than a few years and have no idea how he and...
  12. Clemson OC move

    Better hire than an OC whose failed 3 times.
  13. Who's rooting for TCU in this one?

    Between Dikes talking shit about the SEC and the $. Woof woof !
  14. Ambulance on the field. Allen covering his mouth. Diggs pacing saying, “oh my god”.

    I remember when I played shoulder pads went down well past the nipple line. The chaffing during 3 a days was real.
  15. Ambulance on the field. Allen covering his mouth. Diggs pacing saying, “oh my god”.

    I guess I just assumed they had at least emt’s even high school games usually have an ambulance on standby. They might be re designing the shoulder pads though.
  16. Players leaving

    This. They are the ones who are going to ruin it for the younger kids now. Not only because people will lose interest ( I know I am, I barely watched any bowl games this season because of opt outs transfers etc.) lower interest in the sport will lead to smaller nil contracts. The NCAA really...
  17. Ambulance on the field. Allen covering his mouth. Diggs pacing saying, “oh my god”.

    I thought they all had paramedics standing by on the side lines? Maybe not? I guess they’ll have to squeeze an extra game since they didn’t finish the game out.
  18. Players leaving

    Or, do they and the companies forking out the big NIL bucks start treating the players as contractors/employees? ie. yea we will give you a million dollar contract but you need to play X amount of games including the post season. Honestly I liked the idea of NIL and the portal but the players...