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  1. Dabo gets salty on NSD

    Didn't Dabo just tamper by hiring Riley away from TCU? Why is that any different? What a hypocrite
  2. TE Nyck Harbor and his family returned to their home in the Washington, DC area

    So excited to see him in Garnet and Black
  3. What should our response be if Russia invades Ukraine?

    I don't disagree who the prime culprit is here...and it must end somewhere but what is that point?
  4. What should our response be if Russia invades Ukraine?

    Didn't the Germans use something like Meth during WW2 for their soldiers....I looked it up and it was called pervitin
  5. What should our response be if Russia invades Ukraine?

    as a father with two boys this is starting to concern me...we are now sending offensive weapons...for those who think we need to continue ask yourself if it would be worth sending you sons/daughters to fight via a draft
  6. Spencer tweet

    This would be huge for the football program as well as recruiting
  7. TE Nyck Harbor and his family returned to their home in the Washington, DC area

    whatever the decision, I wish him the best and can appreciate him taking his time and not committing/decommitting/committing...he seems to be a freak of athletic ability and size
  8. Jeffcoat. He’s Headed To Arkansas

    welp I guess you and disagree...there are some bells you just can not unring even if you are good at football
  9. Jeffcoat. He’s Headed To Arkansas

    why do you say that? Do you know the rumors of why he was not offered at USC?
  10. Bourbon

    Blanton's is smooth! It really is worth the effort to try to find it...big block or neat
  11. Looks Like Jeffcoat To Gamecocks Is Not Going To Happen

    over on FB it said that he has a personal issue at Mizzou involving a female...when Beamer was told he nixed the transfer...not sure the veracity of the claim but it is out there
  12. Blackstone Griddle

    that awesome! it looks like we were looking in the same price thing I normally never buy is extended warranties but we did for the appliances (thank goodness) Is Thermador the high end brand of bosch? Our last dishwasher was bosch and it was still going strong so we kept it...
  13. Blackstone Griddle

    what brand did you get? We bought a dual fuel Jenn Air with a griddle on the top with 4 burners and it tooks us over 4 months to get it...this was back in 2019. We have enjoyed the range/oven with gas on top and electric oven...we bought ours through Ferguson We also bought the Jenn Air...
  14. 2022 NFL Playoffs

    It is like the NBA...when the playoffs roll around the players take it to another level...and even though he is a Tiger I thought it was awesome that Trevor Lawrence celebrated his comeback win at a local waffle house...he is hard not to like and glad to see him get a win
  15. $13 Million Dollar Man

    Agree 100%…I normally hate the thought of suing but this should be pursued
  16. Clemson OC move

    good hire though TCU offense struggled when they came up against quality defenses that could not be outschemed...time will tell but looking at his resume he moves around quite a bit and if successful won't be at clemson very long as a coordinator
  17. All said and done Gamecocks finish the season ranked

    I would not have believed you if you had told me that we would finish the season ranked...CSB is doing an outstanding job in the ever changing atmosphere of college football
  18. Blackstone Griddle

    my favorite thing on the blackstone is zucchini, onions, squash, and mushrooms...I can't remember the last time I used my grill since getting a blackstone last summer...breakfast is great too! We gave my wife's father one for christmas and he loves it too!