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  1. Baseball vs. LSU

    If they can keep playing like they did today, I think LSU is going down tomorrow morning.
  2. Baseball tickets needed

    Looking for 2 - 4 tickets for any of the last 3 games. I still want to take my Grandson to a game. If you got 3-4 I could take my daughter or both parents with me. I really did not want to take him and have to sit all the way out in the outfield. Thanks, if you decide to skip a game and let us...
  3. Dak at Running Back

    A safety or DE sacking a QB is one thing. Getting trampled by a 300# DL is another. I really think Dak can adapt to the plays, but is he ready for the pounding a RB has to take. That is my only concern with him being a RB. JuJu and Mario have years of taking that pounding. And they may both see...
  4. Dak at Running Back

    I think Dak is going to be all over the field and doing so many different things every defense will be lost. And I think he is going to be a good enough running back to actually be considered there as an NFL draft pick. When he has the ball, he is so explosive, and we have seen him both run...
  5. *** #3 USC Baseball (15-6/36-8) @ Kentucky (11-10/30-13) Series Thread ***

    Always good to see guys like Denny and Tippett playing so much better. Would love to see us get the HR lead back. With them hitting them and Petry finally back at it we should climb fast.
  6. Video Nyckoles Harbor - Vid

    I pity any DB that has to try and keep up with him much less try and tackle him.
  7. Kingston giving more...

    “Would I have done it five or ten years ago, probably not,” Kingston said. “Players evolve, coaches evolve and in 2023, I’m getting better at giving our guys more space and more freedom within the context and structure of a good team environment. I’m more open to letting them have a little fun...
  8. Need Friday night tickets for Auburn game.

    I want to take my 9-year-old grandson, and maybe his parents if tix available.. Would like 2-4 tickets. Cannot afford a whole bunch but did not have to make his 1st game all the way out in outfield. message me on here or at
  9. *** #6 USC Baseball (12-4/33-6) vs. #3 Florida (11-6/31-9) Game 3 Thread ***

    Glad they get a break from the midweek. Hope for some huge wins against Auburn next weekend.
  10. Countdown to the 2023 Garnet and Black Spring Game

    It was fun to watch. Saw 5 different QBs play. Sellers really shined for a true freshmen. Saw several players I had never seen play before. Met one RB's parents, Nathan Harris-Waynick. He is a walk-on soph. They were sitting right in front of me. The new TE, Trey Knox, is going to be a big...
  11. *** #6 USC Baseball (10-2/30-4) @ #4 Vandy (11-2/27-7) Game 2 Thread ***

    I will have to follow this game online. I will be up at the Spring Game when they start.
  12. *** #6 USC Baseball (9-2/29-4) @ #4 Vandy (11-1/27-6) Game 1 Thread ***

    Sad when you give up 4 runs with 2 outs. Sanders doing awful tonight.
  13. *** #6 USC Baseball (9-2/29-4) @ #4 Vandy (11-1/27-6) Game 1 Thread ***

    I really thought he had is hand on the bag. Can't believe the replay called him out when the ref right there called him safe.
  14. *** #6 USC Baseball (9-2/29-4) @ #4 Vandy (11-1/27-6) Game 1 Thread ***

    I sure am excited about this series. If we keep playing like we have, we will prove to everyone just how good this team really is. I mean we made #5 in the polls, but I still hear media talk like we are not ready for this tough SEC competition. Winning this series will also put us real close to...
  15. Dillon OT Josiah Thompson commits to Gamecocks

    #1 recruit in the state. Going to be a 5 star next year. Picked us over UGA, Bama, OhSt., and Clemsux. And he visited all of them.
  16. Huge influence on recruiting this Spring Game.

    In total, there will be over 25 recruits visit this Saturday I saw this on one post; "South Carolina will host three five-star prospects this weekend, along with multiple top-ranked recruits and former five-star wide receiver Trejan Bridges." On another: "South Carolina football will be playing...
  17. Recruiting report

    Going to be plenty of really good prospects there Saturday including some 5-stars. I remember a time when there would never be a 5 star consider us much less make repeated trips here. Beamer and company are really building up this program and convincing those 5 stars that they can come here...