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  1. Are the Gamecocks ahead of Clemson in football for the 2024 recruiting cycle?

    One class is nice, but we need to string together years of better classes. Especially in the trenches. OL and DL are where it's at and we're still lagging there. OL is looking better but still a ways to go. We are on the upswing and need to keep the momentum going.
  2. Hiking deaths...kind of a vent thread. :(

    Don't want to sound heartless, but people live and die doing stupid things all the time. There's a constant supply of stupid/ignorant people in the world, regardless of other shortages.
  3. What music are you listening to now?

  4. What music are you listening to now?

  5. RB Braylen Russell has set an official visit with South Carolina

    6-2, 230lbs is a big back. Would be nice to have a punishing back like that behind the incoming OLs
  6. Bourbon

    I have a couple Jefferson's Oceans. Voyage 24 and Voyage 28. They are different but I'm not sure much of that comes form the 'voyages'. I'm a sucker for marketing and looking up the voyages is interesting. They're good sippers but I haven't had the very small batch. I do like the price point...
  7. Gamecock target Notre Dame transfer RB Logan Diggs will take his official visit to LSU this weekend

    It was going to be near impossible to keep him from returning to his home state school when they really put a big push for him. I guess we get the honorable mention points but this RB room is slim. Hopefully Braswell lives up to and exceeds expectations. Nobody else from the Spring Game...
  8. Syracuse DE Jatius Geer will transfer to Gamecocks

    Solid get. Beamer continues to impress working the portal. Needs to pick up a RB now.
  9. Bourbon

    You're not long winded at all. Good info. Found some Weller Special Res and Eagle Rare today at a place in Simpsonville. Decent prices and no mins. I only got one each so the next guys can enjoy. I really don't care much for the Weller Sr but have some folks that come by and will drink it...
  10. Dak at Running Back

    I like Dak on the field more but we need a true running back. Only so many gimmick plays can be run and at some point we're going to need a RB to take over a game. RB is a major concern going into the season and major factor in why we are only favored in 4 games.
  11. NASCAR Kansas race highlights

    Chastain could only take so much. Good for him.
  12. Bourbon

    Wow! 10 is a lot to do. Curious how you'd rank them and why. We did 5 in our 3.5 days but went to Buffalo Trace each day to stand in line and get the daily drops. Already planning a trip back. Makers to me had a very personal touch and was first class. Woodford was very nice as well...
  13. Well...isn't this comforting

    What would you expect them to do? Why do you think we have our nukes?
  14. Bourbon

    Bump... Anyone tried anything interesting lately? The Bourbon Trail was great. Just ran out of time too quickly.
  15. Baseball is now #2 in BA rankings

    Amazing turnaround by the team and coaches. Keep it up and the rankings take care of themselves.
  16. Bed Bath & Beyond files for bankruptcy

    Never been in one. Assumed they didn't have a men's dept.
  17. Bourbon

    Chilling with the Colonel tonight
  18. Bourbon

    Buffalo Trace, Castle & Key, Makers. Have tix to Woodford and will do that as well if we have time.
  19. Gamecock football spring practice sprint power rankings

    Awesome stuff. The Office was a very good series.