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  1. Game Time Announced for Gamecocks’ Sept. 23 Home Game vs Mississippi State

    It's really nice how every game but Georgia, so far, has been a night game. It sure helps with the heat. Fortunately, Athens is supposed to be about 75 degrees at kickoff.
  2. Portal Players

    Thanks for keeping these stats. It's interesting to see how they do.
  3. Satterfield

    I have talked to some Nebraska fans, and they aren't really happy with him.
  4. Finebaum: Dabo's dynasty is done

    Dabo's dynasty was done when the real head coach, Brent Venables, left for Oklahoma.
  5. Post Game thoughts vs. North Carolina

    I cannot understand how we could be that bad on the OL. I truly think old ladies in wheelchairs could have slowed the rush down more than our OL.
  6. 10 Bold Predictions article

    I like the article. I think it is very realistic, however, 7-5 could be realistic, as well. I really believe this will be a special season. I think we lose to TN, GA, and one other, maybe A&M, but I also see us able to beat these teams. Well, at least TN and A&M. Georgia could happen, but...
  7. UNC QB overrated

    Teams that play in the ACC should have an asterisk by all of their stats. I suck at basketball, but if you put me up against a group of 3rd graders, I look like Shaq.
  8. Dak at Running Back

    With Joyner and Harbor on the field at the same time, defenses won't be able to ignore either of them, and a safety is always going to have to be shading toward Harbor.
  9. Clemson, Fla St., Oregon, and Washington to Big 10?

    If Clemson and FSU have that opportunity, they need to jump on it! The SEC does not want or need them. Neither team brings anything to the league that it doesn't already have. The SEC will take any school it truly wants, that's how I know they don't want those two. Texas was the richest...
  10. Cameron Upshaw has a plan for getting back into a Gamecocks uniform

    Good for him. I wish him well, and hope he makes it back.
  11. Dak at Running Back

    Dak as a RB could open up all kinds of options with his ability to throw. If Rattler can catch, it could be interesting.
  12. Gamecocks losing young defensive lineman to transfer portal

    With the line talent coming in, this was to be expected.
  13. Dion strikes again!

    I forgot about that. You have a point. That does speak badly to other recruits, that nepotism is alive and well.
  14. Dion strikes again!

    I like his approach. He runs his mouth a bit more than I like, but he tends to back it up, and I definitely appreciate the values he is instilling. I think the "earn it" mentality would serve everyone well, over the you are wonderful and great, just the way you are philosophy. I was brought...
  15. Blackstone Griddle

    I have had some incredible steaks on my Blackstone. I season them, then pour melted butter on them and put them back in the fridge. The butter congeals, and then I fire up the griddle as hot as I can, and then drop them on there. They sear beautifully, and I keep scooping the melted butter...
  16. Chinese spy balloon floating over US

    China has satellites trained on our country 24/7, as we do them. Millions of Americans have Tik-Tok loaded on their phones. The balloon was nothing but a distraction.
  17. The Latest From Greenville OG Blake Franks

    I would say the opposite. I think Carolina has made great strides at Greenville, based on what a kid I know who plays for them said. Beamer has done a lot of work there in just two years.
  18. Parker White signs with the Packers

    As a Packer fan, I'm very happy about this. We've got Nixon, Enagbare, and now White.