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  1. Traevon Dunbar

    It is insane that a RB with over 3000 yards and 43 TDs is not getting an offer from USC. And there were several games he did not see a lot of playing time because they were winning so big.
  2. *** USC MBB (4-0) vs. Grand Canyon (3-0) Arizona Tip-off Title Game Thread ***

    I had not heard of them either but apparently they are stepping up. The Lopes are led by former Vanderbilt head coach Bryce Drew. They won the WAC last season and were a No. 14 seed in the NCAA Tournament. I understand winning the WAC may not be a big deal, but it was enough to get them to the...
  3. *** USC MBB (4-0) vs. Grand Canyon (3-0) Arizona Tip-off Title Game Thread ***

    Huge win for our guys. The Lopes played tough ball the entire game but our guys really turned it on in the 2nd half. Another big game next Tuesday against Notre Dame here at home.
  4. Traevon Dunbar

    MV fought hard against Westside but no one fought as hard as Trae, 40 rushes for 306 yards. 8 TD's with a long of 42 and 7.7 avg. On the year 283 for 3065 yards. 43 TD's 92 for a long and 10.9 avg and 236.5 per game. Hill ain't got stats like these. And Trae kept it up against very tough teams...
  5. Lamont Paris Picks Up 100th Career Win in 79-77 victory over Va Tech

    I am glad he got his 100th win but I think we may see a lot more. Here's why: Dawn's first season - 10-18 Lamont's first season - 10-20 Dawn's second season - 14-15 Lamont's second season - 3-0 to start Am I saying Lamont can do what Dawn has? NO But with him getting 5 stars to come visit...
  6. Traevon Dunbar

    Name Games ATT YARDS AVG./ RUSH AVG./GAME LONG TDs Daniel Hill 12 277 2064 7.5 172 75 23 T. Dunbar 12 243 2759 11.4 230 92 35 Looking at the stats, I would feel Trae was the better of the 2. But I do not know the...
  7. Traevon Dunbar

    Another big game against South Pointe this past Friday. One of the hardest so far this season but it did not slow down Trae.. 25 rush 286 yards 3 TD 80 yrd. long 11.4 avg. Now has 243 rushes for 2759 yards with 35 TD's and 11.4 avg. for the season in 12 games. This young man may hit 3000 yards...
  8. Dawn's recruiting prowess Dawn is loading up on 5 Star recruits. Already has 2 and may get 2 more.
  9. Traevon Dunbar

    I just think we should find a way to have two RB's offered in the same class. I hate to see us lose Trae. Hardesty is waiting to see what Daniel Hill is going to do. He is between us, Alabama, and Tenn. and his dad really likes Ala. Hill said he is not going to commit until the all-American game...
  10. 2 Vanderbilt Tickets

    Section 301, row 34, seat 3&4 I will let them go for $25 each. I will only sell them together. Call 803-270-4820 or email if you want them. I can transfer them through ticket master.
  11. Traevon Dunbar

    He stayed right there in the corner by the endzone until late in the 3rd Qtr.
  12. Traevon Dunbar

    Montario Hardesty enjoyed the game. I went and got his autograph. I sure hope they offer him soon. Tonight Trae went 25 rushes for 221 and 3 TD's. He now has 218 for 2482 yards. 11.4 avg. and 32 TD's That's in 11 games for 225.6/game. He had another 80 yarder called back due to a penalty.
  13. Traevon Dunbar

    Hardesty is here watching Traevon. Weeeeee
  14. Traevon Dunbar

    I sent Montario Hardesty an email with copies of some of the stats I have collected and the video of his senior season so far. It was the email address that the university showed for him with his name in the address, so I assume he will see it. I asked him to let me know if that was...
  15. Traevon Dunbar

    On the season... 193 rushes 2261 yards 29 TD 11.7 avg. 92 Long 226.1 per game. I sure hope USC goes after this guy.
  16. Traevon Dunbar

    Traevon had another great game in one of the hardest fought football games I have ever watched. MV 49 NA 48. 29 rushes for 324 yards. 4 TD a long of 80. 11.2 avg / rush
  17. Traevon Dunbar

    His biggest game of the year will be this Friday night. They play North Augusta for the Conf. Championship. Right now, Midland Valley is 9-0, and #5 in the state AAAA rankings. North Augusta is 7-2 with their 2 loses to 5A schools. They are ranked #10. Both are undefeated in conf. play...
  18. Traevon Dunbar

    USC finally contacted him... And Trae actually had good things to say about them. "South Carolina has always been a dream...
  19. Traevon Dunbar

    After 9 games Traevon has.... 164 rushes for 1937 yards,11.8 avg per carry, 25 TDs. 215 yards / game avg. It sure is fun watching this guy. Still cannot understand why SC is not after him.
  20. Traevon Dunbar

    Yesterday he had 9 rushes for 327 yards and 4 TDs. A long of 89 and 35.2 yards per carry against South Aiken. Sadly he went to visit West Virginia last Saturday. MV won 56-28 to go 9-0. Their last regular season game will be next week against a tough North Augusta for the conference Championship