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  1. *** USC MBB (6-0) vs. George Washington (6-1) Game Thread ***

    I watched the beginning for a while and then the last 8 min or so of the 2nd half. I must say this looks like a really well coached team.
  2. What should our response be if Russia invades Ukraine?

    Putin’s playing the long game at this point. Just keep the stalemate going long enough, until the rest of the world looses their political will and / or gets distracted by other issues like Israel / Palestine.
  3. Well, where do we go from here?

    Year 3 with a new coaching staff seems to be a down year generally. that drop in recruiting that first year really shows. So I'm hoping this is just a temporary setback, and we will recover next year. But that's not e excuse. There are some concerning things that need to be addressed. Injuries...
  4. 2023 Clemson game predictions

    Gamecocks 38 Taters 24
  5. Hello GamecockFanatics

    Been wondering where you have been hiding. Tough to hear. Prayers to you and your family.
  6. *** USC MBB (4-0) vs. Grand Canyon (3-0) Arizona Tip-off Title Game Thread ***

    Never heard of Gran Canyon college. But a win is a win, and starting 5-0 is nothing to sneeze at, even if it is these early season games.
  7. GCF Gamecocks vs. Volunteers Prediction, Pick, and Game Preview

    Another Spencer Rattler show. Gamecocks 38, Vols 17
  8. Finebaum: Dabo's dynasty is done

    Spot on. Finebaum looks and acts like a dildo. I think he's right about Dabo, but going point about Saban. He's a Bama homer and won't ever say that about Bama.
  9. Taters Leaving the ACC - Next Month?

    Who knows man? Where are they going to go? I don't see the SEC in the cards, at least not anytime soon with Tex and Oky joining. Big 19 or whatever the Big 10 is now?
  10. The best scene in all of football 2023

    Not Taylor Swift at the Chiefs game? 😝
  11. What should our response be if Russia invades Ukraine?

    As long as Elon Musk does not cut off Starlink access again....
  12. Portal Players

    Hope so - But it's a strange new world of CF wih NIL and the transfer portal. Money talks, and I don't see other big time programs stopping to poach talent with huge NIL deals. Let's hope we have more DK Joyners and Luke Doty's then Burch's going foward, with that regard.
  13. Corona virus, the non-asshole thread

    I'm presuming that's where my son picked it up initially.
  14. Corona virus, the non-asshole thread

    We’re in for round two in our family. My son started getting sick Thursday. Stayed home from school Friday. I started getting symptoms during the day Friday. We both tested positive Friday night. My son had fever of 102.8 sat. I felt like crap for 3 days. He’s doing better now and I’m turning...
  15. Post Game thoughts vs. North Carolina

    Time to figure some things out against Furman. Then UGA will be a loss. And then Miss St.
  16. UNC game predictions

    24-14 gamecocks win