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  1. Gamecock football depth chart: Mississippi State

    I'm a little surprised TJ Sanders is second string after he played so well at UGa.
  2. Where were you 22 years ago?

    I was a freshman living in the old Honeycomb Towers. The first plane hit just before I had to leave my dorm room for my first class. My neighbor had his door open and was watching the news. He called me over for me to see what was going on. I was in disbelief and nobody really knew what was...
  3. Portal Players

    Gilber Edmond (FSU) - playing tonight Austin Stogner (Oklahoma) - no stats first game Corey Rucker (Arky State) - 1 catch, 28 yds
  4. Cam Scott it's almost decision time

    If you're talking just high school career, I would think Devan Downey and Rolando Howell would be on that list instead of Ja Morant.
  5. Cam Scott it's almost decision time

    This is by no means complete, but I looked at recruiting for the last 25 years going back to high school class of 2000. 2003-2024 use 247Sports composite ranking and 2000-2002 use ESPN top 100 rankings. There might be some I missed as guys that transfer out of state to play somewhere like Oak...
  6. What music are you listening to now?

    View: My 2 month old really digs Chuck Berry right now.
  7. Cam Scott it's almost decision time

    Chose Texas Not surprising, but I hate seeing another local product going out of state.
  8. The AP preseason ranking voted on by media covering college football will be released on Monday Gamecocks on the cuff come in at 27

    Some of the coaches poll just doesn't make sense to me. Is Texas really a top 15 team? Nothing in their recent history says so. Notre Dame and Texas A&M get hyped every year then fail to live up to expectations. I couldn't rank Clemson ahead of Tennessee based on that bowl game. Is Oklahoma that...
  9. Clemson, Fla St., Oregon, and Washington to Big 10?

    I could see Oregon and Washington jumping there. Don't see Clemmons or FSU going there though. If anything, both of those schools want to be in the SEC. I think the Big 10 would go after Virginia and UNC first.
  10. Your first trip to Williams Brice

    My first trip to Williams-Brice was in August 2001 when I was a freshman. It was the first weekend after moving in and they had a, for lack of a better term, pep rally for freshmen. They bussed anybody that wanted to go to and from their dorm. Guys on my hall had already found someone to buy us...
  11. Gamecocks stand to lose three of their committed/signed 2023 recruits chosen in the MLB Draft

    Why on Earth would the NFL want to change? The number of high school players that could contribute is very small and college football is basically their minor leagues. It's a perfect setup for them. The NFL couldn't care less about NIL and making things easier for college coaches.
  12. Gamecocks stand to lose three of their committed/signed 2023 recruits chosen in the MLB Draft

    It's all a part of the professional league's collective bargaining agreement. Baseball's eligibility rules have been set for such a long time (I'd guess at least 50 years, maybe more), that they're unlikely to change.
  13. Bourbon

    Sipping on some Jefferson's VSB tonight. First time trying it and very smooth.
  14. Bourbon

    I've never really had any of the higher end bourbons. Mainly because none of the stores I frequent carry them and I refuse to pay secondary market prices. I have read reviews on the Calumet 16 and they are all really positive. While I can't say if it's worth the price, I'd probably get one if...
  15. Bourbon

    Enjoyed a few pours of the Broken Barrel I posted about earlier while watching the NBA playoffs. Just reread my last post here and damn I'm long winded. Lol sorry bout that y'all.
  16. Bourbon

    We spent a full week up there so we had time to do more. We did 3 full tours and the rest were just tastings. Unless you have specific questions about the mash bill or barrels, you only need to do a couple of tours imo. In order, I would rank the tours as Maker's Mark, Buffalo Trace, Woodford...
  17. Gamecocks adding a second offensive lineman this week as a PWO prospect?

    Ok, so it's not an actual NCAA rule, which I thought would just be insanely stupid. ThIs is more that there may be external reasons keeping them from participating.
  18. Starting Gamecock O-lineman suffers ‘pretty significant injury

    Hate to hear that. Hopefully he recovers 100%.
  19. Gamecocks adding a second offensive lineman this week as a PWO prospect?

    Are they really not allowed to participate in off-season workouts? I would have assumed that they would be able to participate as long as they were enrolled in summer classes. I understand it if they couldn't participate because of needing to work to pay tuition, but not being able because of...