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  1. What should our response be if Russia invades Ukraine?

    Dear God...what barbarians...smh
  2. 2023 MBB vs. Clemson Game Predictions

    Like you I haven't watched a single dribble of tater basketball this season. I also have no idea what to expect. I do find it interesting though that the taters have seemed on the verge of running Brownell off several times over the years. His teams seem to always start off well and then...
  3. *** USC MBB (5-0) vs. Notre Dame (3-2) Game Thread ***

    The taters upset Bama last night. They've been ready to run Brownell off a couple of times but he seems to put a good team on the floor every year. It's going to be a tough game for sure.
  4. What should our response be if Russia invades Ukraine?

    No doubt he doesn't care about lives lost, Ukrainian or Russian.
  5. Well, where do we go from here?

    Drinkewitz has turned out to be a great hire.
  6. What should our response be if Russia invades Ukraine?

    Man, when is Putin going to realize the folly of all of this?
  7. Well, where do we go from here?

    The entire football program needs a serious evaluation. 1. Strength and conditioning: Why are we so fragile and soft? Why do we rack up so many injuries year after year? Are we doing (or not doing) something that most programs are (or not) doing? 2. Recruiting budget: We are consistently at...
  8. Traevon Dunbar

    I would offer him in a heartbeat. Even if Hill commits IMHO you can't have enough RBs. It was suggested that perhaps he is too small at 5' 10" 190 but yet our current RB is what? 5' 6" 160 pounds? That's not a slam on Mario, I love his heart and determination but not offering kids like...
  9. 2023 Clemson game predictions

    I'll be happy to be wrong but again I don't see it without the turnovers. Whatever was "ailing" the taters earlier in the season seems to be fixed.
  10. 2023 Clemson game predictions

    Dude...I'll have what you're having. Damn. Unless the taters turn the ball over at least 3 times I don't see a path to victory. SC 17 taters 35
  11. Hello GamecockFanatics

    Best wishes for better times ahead.
  12. WBB defeats Clemson 109-40 at the CLA

    It was a tribute to Cocky. There was some kind of Cocky recognition thingy going on. 2 of my great nieces went to it. It was called "cookies with Cocky." Heck if I had known there was going to be cookies I would have went. dancincocky
  13. Dawn's recruiting prowess

    I stumbled across an interesting fact while reading about the game last night. CDS has signed EVERY top 35 player in the State since 2014. Damn...just damn.
  14. Lamont Paris Picks Up 100th Career Win in 79-77 victory over Va Tech

    He has been a pleasant surprise so far. Picked up a nice commit last night as well.
  15. Dawn's recruiting prowess

    And Dawn signs 5* Joyce Edwards of Camden, # 2 prospect per Girlzhoops. Also academically the # 8 student in her graduating class. We may very well end up with the # 1 recruiting class for 2024!
  16. Lamont Paris Picks Up 100th Career Win in 79-77 victory over Va Tech

    Yeah it's refreshing to see us score instead of the Frank Martin root canal offense. The team didn't show any signs of panic when VT took the lead at about the 3 minute mark. Very solid effort. Very encouraging.
  17. Dawn's recruiting prowess

    Gotta get the girl from Camden!
  18. Traevon Dunbar

    Good job.