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  1. Thoughts on throwback helmets last night

    Looked like dept of corrections issued or a high school quality. Bad when SC State had the better uni
  2. The good, the bad the ugly vs South Carolina blowout win over SC State

    We won. Looked good most of the time and rarely ever punted. Gave up a couple drives and DBs totally lost in space some. Level of competition improves big time. We should be as healthy as we’ve been all season by next weekend. Everyone needs to step up.
  3. What will it take for South Carolina to beat Kentucky?

    Stop with the penalties in the secondary, turn around and find the ball. Create turnovers on D, eliminate them on O. DL has to get healthy and man up quickly, be disruptive in the backfield. QB needs to take what's there and WRs make the catch. Same with RBs, don't look for a 10 yarder while...
  4. GCF Discussion, Preview & Prediction Thread Week 5 Talking SC State

    Winning by 37.5 is virtually impossible.
  5. Jordan Butler (Official Visit)

    Has a top 3 of The U of SC, Mizzou and Auburn.
  6. Mack Brown among others on the hot seat

    I just don’t see Mack as being on the hot seat. I’m sure he will hang it up on his own in a season or two anyway. Unc knew what they were getting.
  7. The 49ers game is another sellout to make it the third consecutive home game for this season

    Pretty impressive to sell out and I think there’s still plenty of excitement around the potential of this team. Great to see this and hopefully it’s packed and rocking.
  8. Frank fired for winning too much lol

    He was trying to lose more they just didn't give him enough time. Joking GMB2. I like Frank and didn't like the firing, especially the timing. He did a ton of good things but also had his share of issues. He landed some but missed on a ton of instate guys as well and seemed to keep a...
  9. This does not look good!

    I think he said all this after the Arky game didn’t he? Regardless he should keep it in the locker room.
  10. Best comment vs. UGA

    Flat tire or the QB controversy for me.
  11. Poll of the week: Can the Gamecocks reach the 7-win plateau for 2022?

    Maybe but it will be tough but based on what I've seen so far I'm skeptical. We won't know much over the next two weeks unless there is no improvement on both sides of the ball. We struggle in the trenches on both sides, that's not going away. Depth issues in the secondary and DL. To get to...
  12. Gameday thread South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Georgia Bulldogs

    A UGA WR and a backup TE didn’t make the trip. Was hopeful that 20 or so others wouldn’t too.
  13. Jimbo Fisher deal or no deal for A&M?

    He is bringing in talent but it's not necessarily translating to winning big like they want, expect and are paying the $ for. If they get rid of him now or anytime in the near future, they probably derail that recruiting machine at least momentarily. Then they're stuck with trying to make...
  14. Programs with the most players on 2022 NFL rosters

    Interesting. UCLA is a bit of a surprise but they all make sense based on their respective on field success. Would think taters to be higher than ND. Kinda surprised Michigan St isn’t there with Iowa and Wisconsin. I’d like to see a per position breakdown so see where more skill players...
  15. Best Comment vs. Arkansas

    I put this victory squarely on the shoulders of my supporting cast.
  16. Poll Poll Question of the Week: Gamecocks stand at 1&1 for 2022. The question Can Coach Beamer over the next five year be able to reach any of these goals?

    We should hopefully beat clemson once in the next 5 years. I don't see any of the other happening but I guess anything is possible.