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  1. The Trivia Thread

    Good job, Mathews is correct. His rookie year was in Boston and his final year as a Brave was the first year the team was in Atlanta. He hit just over 500 for his career, but I think the last 20-30 were for other teams. I think he hit somewhere around 485-490 as a Brave. He and Aaron do hold the...
  2. The Trivia Thread

    This may have already been asked, but who is the only player in the Braves' franchise history to play in Boston, Milwaukee, and Atlanta?
  3. So what’s your plans for the Charlotte game?

    I'll probably be watching on delay in Montgomery, Alabama. I hope there's a good crowd there. A loss like last week can be demoralizing for the players, especially the younger guys. I think it's important to show them we still support them and want to see them play to the best of their ability.
  4. The Trivia Thread

    That was a good question. Never would have gotten that without the hint.
  5. The Trivia Thread

    Ah. Thank you. Phil Collins
  6. The Trivia Thread

    Rolling Stones? Tom Petty? I'm running out of artists/bands that I know played Live Aid.
  7. The Trivia Thread

  8. The Trivia Thread

    I'm about 98% certain that it was the Live Aid concerts, but no clue on the artist.
  9. Poll of the week: Can the Gamecocks reach the 7-win plateau for 2022?

    No. I think we're headed for 5-7. I hope I'm wrong, but nothing I've seen this season makes me think we're a bowl team.
  10. Gameday thread South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Georgia Bulldogs

    No matter how old I get, I'll think it's pretty f'ing awesome to see the entire stadium getting hyped during Sandstorm.
  11. UMass MBB adds Brandon Martin as a grad transfer

    That's very unusual. You don't normally see a fired HC return to that school as an assistant.
  12. Coach weighs in on Harbor’s official visit to Gamecocks this weekend

    He would be a huge pick up. Hope they do everything they can to land him.
  13. Great job at HS football

    If I know I wouldn't be able to make it to every game, but if I could, I would volunteer to do that for Chapin HS if they needed someone.
  14. The Spurs Up Show

    You're not missing much. I tried listening to the podcast once and quit about 10 minutes into it. In that 10 minutes he made a few generically obvious statements that he tried to pass of as some revolutionary idea. Stuff like, to win games you have to score more than your opponent. Well no shit...
  15. The Spurs Up Show

    TSUS tweeted something that has since been deleted. Justin King didn't take too kindly to whatever it was.
  16. Aggies doing Aggie things

    That yell leader is a giant douche. I don't ever mind A&M losing, but after watching that I'm glad they lost to App St.
  17. Guesses on the early Georgia line

    If we aren't at least a 21 point underdog, somebody in Vegas is drunk. I would guess somewhere in the 27-30 range.
  18. Intriguing games to watch this weekend

    Kentucky-Florida and Tennessee-Pitt could both be interesting games.
  19. 12 Team Playoff starting in the 2026 season

    I thought the top 4 conference champions get a bye in this new system? I'm good with expanding the playoff, but the top 4 teams should get a bye, regardless of if they're conference champions. I don't particularly care for byes in a playoff though. Imo, no team should get that much of an...