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  1. NFL Pick'em Contest

    Week 1 - Pick your winners (note the spread) from the six games below. You have until September 8th at noon EST to make your picks. I will keep track of your results and award medals based on weekly performance. Your results will also be tracked throughout the season with your worst week dropped...
  2. What TV Shows Are You Watching?

    What current shows are you watching? What coming tv shows are you going to watch? Me? -Obi-Wan Kenobi -The Boys (new season starts June 3rd) -Better Call Saul
  3. College Football Countdown: University of South Carolina

    100 Days - May 26, 2022 marks 100 days until I am sitting in Williams-Brice Stadium watch Gamecocks Football. The time right now is 6:30pm which means 100 days from now I likely just finding my seat and the players are going through warm-ups on the field.
  4. Benji Norton

    I am seeing on Twitter that Benji Norton passed away. Aged 63 He was a staple of sports and classic rock radio in Columbia. Norton ran "The Early Game" with Tommy Moody and the late Bob Shields for years.
  5. Frank Martin and USC Part Ways

    AD Ray Tanner announces a national search for the next Mens Basketball Coach. This move should affect USC’s ability to make the NIT and the NCAA tournament in the coming years.
  6. We remember Kenny McKinley 11 years after his passing

    Kenny McKinley was a great receiver for South Carolina and left USC as the all-time leading receiver. During his career with the Gamecocks he earned first-team honors from: the SEC coaches (All-SEC), the Associated Press and He was second-team All-SEC by and...
  7. Jaycee Horn - He Improved

    Jaycee Horn has the most ridiculous coverage resume ever - YouTube
  8. Muschamp and Bobo

    Quick Question: Are they mad at South Carolina?
  9. My Thoughts on Declining the Bowl Game

    The Gamecocks were invited to the Gaspirilla Bowl to face Virginia Tech and declined the invite. I am very okay with the gamecocks declining their bowl invite. The Gaspirilla Bowl will be December 26th. While it is usually great to get those extra practices and swag that comes with bowl games...
  10. In the Market for a Vehicle

    Any members here have recommendations on used car sellers in South or North Carolina?. I am looking to purchase in January-February 2021.
  11. Will the Gamecocks score 21 or more points against Vandy?

    Predict the score of this game.  I have: USC -17 Vandy - 7 I think it will be a tight game and the weather will play a factor
  12. 2020 Bright Spots Thread

    Hey I know our team is not expected to do well in the most important stat of all (the win-loss columns) so I create this thread so that we can mark and talk about some of the good things this team and players do this season.
  13. Will the Gamecocks Score >28 points against Tennessee?

    What is your score prediction for the week 1 game?
  14. Position Dominance

    In college and pro football, is there one position on offense and one position on defense that you enjoy more than anything else when they become the dominant position in a game? i know that question is oddly and awkwardly worded but I do not know how else to express the question.
  15. College Bowl Season Contest

    The College Football Bowl Season Starts December 20th. Join our Capital One Bowl Mania Group on ESPN.  Members can go to ESPN, Fantasy Games and click on the Capital One Bowl Mania tab. They can search for the group named "Gamecocks Fanatics" and join. No password needed. ...
  16. Mark & Kym Hilinski Discuss the Impact of the 3rd Qtr '3'

    I thought my fellow Gamecocks would appreciate reading about how the fans' third quarter tribute to the Hilinski's and Mental Health awareness affected Mark and Kym Hilinski:  Locked on the Gamecocks September 20, 2019 Fearless Forecast Friday with Mark & Kym Hilinski Mark and Kym...
  17. Accoustic Curiosities

  18. REQUEST: 2 Tickets Alabama Game

    Anyone looking to sell their tickets for the Alabama game this week?
  19. College Football and the Betting Shop

    We are getting ever closer to the start of the college and NFL football seasons so I will start posting more games for you to be able to wager. Please continue to requests games - I will likely not create the bet for that requested game no earlier than seven days before the game starts in order...