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  1. Welcome home!!!

    Could it be Sellers?
  2. Corona virus, the non-asshole thread

    I see where Pfizer just applied to USDA for emergency use authorization of a booster for 6month-4 years of age. This just feels like money to me. This age group is not in any kind of high risk category IMO.
  3. OC choices

    It sure seems there is a lot of smoke coming from the Mullen fire. I know there was some criticism of him not really liking recruiting. Shane clearly understands the importance of this so I would guess that if it is Mullen he will have a plan in that area. I could see Mullen attracting some...
  4. Frank Martin and UMass set to compete in this year's Myrtle Beach Invitational Tournament this Thursday

    Glad he found a spot he can win those early season games he always lost here. Maybe he will make the tournament more than once in the next decade for them as well. Easier conference so I would think he can. Hope it does not come down to free-throws lol. I still cannot believe our terrible...
  5. OC choices

    The timing or lack of any kind of announcement makes you wonder if it is not someone that is coaching in a bowl game. If it was Kitchens or Stepp I would think they would go ahead and announce to help with recruiting.
  6. Taters QB Dj Uiagalelei Heading West?

    I think they will buy him a 1-way ticket at this point. Has never been an accurate passer and now it looks like he has the yips
  7. Ray Guy award is a joke

    Yes. Named after Ray Guy who many consider to be the best ever.
  8. Ray Guy award is a joke

    Kai not being a finalist for the Ray Guy award is total BS.
  9. Freeze coming back to the SEC

    Not saying he was the answer but Cadillac had them playing hard. At the end of the day they will never be Bama and their boosters will never be satisfied
  10. OC choices

    Good info. Give me an analysis of what GA is running. Not being sarcastic I just want to see what you see in their play mix.
  11. OC choices

    On another note if it ends up being Kitchens I will trust Beamer knows to make that hire. Not all of the offenses that are so hot in other conferences work in the SEC with the defenses week in and week out. Leach has not exactly lit the world on fire with his offense. Gotta play...
  12. OC choices

    I don't think a message board has the impact that some think. Now harassing him or his family in public goes beyond the bounds and I cannot understand how someone could do that. Banter on a message board is just that. I am surprised at how much the staff tends to pay attention to social...
  13. Season Stats

    Now that the season -bowl game is complete kind of fun to go back and look at the stats: Very cool to see 2 true freshman in the top 5 in tackles.
  14. O-line

    I’ve noticed a nastiness starting to show up in this group that has not been there in a very long time. They have attitude and are actually shoving some people and jawing. I hope this is a culture change we have needed for years.
  15. Clemson win!

    Best part is watching the tater meltdown on social media.
  16. GCF POLL OF THE WEEK: Ok Gamecocks won! Now, what happens to OC Satterfield stay or go?

    I admit to being someone who thought we needed a change. After these two weeks I am second guessing myself and wondering if it just took this long for all of these new players to gel and understand each other especially Rattler and the receivers. I still trust whatever Beamer decides. He has...
  17. OC choices

    More likely or old friend Ace. Posting styles are very similar
  18. Video Beamer's weekly news conference with quotes, notes, injury report, and the latest on Rattler's future plus videos with Beamer and players

    I heard him interviewed today. Said they paired down the offense for this game. Rattler confirmed this in his comments as well. Feels like Satt had too much going on in previous games and they were thinking too much instead of just playing. Hoping the learned something about themselves and...