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Beamer: Carolina Calls injury report


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Gamecocks' are about as healthy as it has been all season heading into its home game against the South Carolina State Bulldogs. Beamer said on Carolina Calls that cornerback Darius Rush is going to miss another week of action. He suffered an injury in the Georgia game and missed last week's contest against the 49ers, but will have an extra two days to prepare for the Kentucky game.

Dylan Wonnum is out as well, forcing some more shuffling on the offensive line. Last week Tyshawn Wannamaker had his spot at right tackle and will be expected to play there again on Thursday. Beamer said everybody else is questionable, but they are optimistic they can get everyone back into the fold. "Everybody else we're hopeful on," Beamer said. "David Spaulding practiced both days this week, Stone Blanton practiced,' pretty much everyone has practiced.