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  1. South Carolina’s Jaheim Bell headed to the transfer portal

    He can always change his mind and end up as a GAMECOCK, you never know
  2. OC choices

    The grass ain't always greener... he might not be getting hired as the OC, heck we might not even be talking to him, sometimes rumors and inside information are just some asshole running off at the mouth but I agree with your assessment unless he is co coordinator... he has called plays on game...
  3. South Carolina’s Jaheim Bell headed to the transfer portal

    Next man up... Treavon Kenion looks ready to be the man
  4. I am ready to travel to Jacksonville to see the Gamecocks play ND at the Gator Bowl

    Gotta place on Jax Beach, some good seats, will be a good New Year!
  5. OC choices

    Hiring someone competent and who will end up down this road is a thin line...
  6. Corona virus, the non-asshole thread

    I second that!
  7. OC choices

    HR hire if Beamer could pull him, would also be ballsy!
  8. Frank Martin and UMass set to compete in this year's Myrtle Beach Invitational Tournament this Thursday

    We have an awesome fan base and Sparky should have never been hired, King Dixon hired him after going 6-4-1 at App St and his best record here was 6-5 so he should have been run off, he was in over his head! Yeah because no great coach loses those type of games, not even the #1 team in the...
  9. OC choices

    I think they may be negotiating and would still have to hire a coach either way... I wouldn't expect an announcement until after the bowl game
  10. OC choices

    You come on here taking a dig at me calling me Ace after I discuss coach Kitchens, you have 2 posts on this page both trolling me and have the nerve to say this... Satterfield is gone and you feel the need to speculate and throw rumor opposite to what our Head Coach says happened the last 2...
  11. 1984: The last meaningful win over Notre Dame

    Can you imagine being able to not just call Frank Beamer but go sit down with him and say Dad, what do you think...INVALUABLE!! Not to mention during any coaching search the folks the Beamer coaching tree touches
  12. OC choices

    I gotta get on the internet I'm late on everything, Yada, Yada, Yada... Calm down Francis and go be the master of your domain If you can't tell me who the next OC is No soup for you! I'm laughing at you, that is joy, a Seinfeld quote went over someone's head in a football forum...WOW! You got...
  13. 1984: The last meaningful win over Notre Dame

    1984 was a special year! Interesting, I always put Joe in the old school bravado big ego, been there done that, follow me and you can be like me, untouchable when hired... he didn't manage, it was his way or the highway but that is from someone looking from behind the wall and just an opinion...
  14. Gamecocks are responsible for the 2 teams playing in the Orange Bowl

    Nothing to like about this bowl... the fan base can exchange cheese over that loss to the Gamecocks while playing woulda coulda before talking of past greatness...