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Eli Ellis and Heyden Assemian


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If you haven't seen this 4* internet sensation kid play do yourself a favor and Google the name, he has a huge internet following.
The high school jr is an assassin on the court with the ball in his hands, he recently put up 44 in an OverTimeElite game, a tourney record against 4* and probable Bama commit Naas Cunninghams squad.
Eli is an elite shooter with legit range from 23-30ft, he has elite and very crafty ball handling skills that remind me of Curry while he was at Davidson.
4* Heyden Assemian a SC native at Legacy Charter out of Greenville grew from a starting QB into a long athletic 6'8 PF that can run the floor, put the ball on the floor, make the pass and rebound with anyone.
These two are a great start to the Class of 2025, Paris is putting in the work!
Looking forward to seeing who Lamont brings in, particularly if we make the Big Dance this year, which I believe will happen.
Man, I'm hoping that is the case. I'm really curious to see how we do against SEC competition here shortly. I'm a Gamecock fan, so I've been conditioned to expect the worse.
Paris and his staff are definitely putting the work in on the recruiting trail. We're getting some interest from some elite level talent in the 2025 class. I don't think we'll get him, but overall #1 player AJ Dybantsa is showing interest. Seems that Eli Ellis has also been trying to help recruit him. He's actually in Columbia now for the Chick-fil-A tournament. Would be nice if he wandered over to campus for an unofficial visit... We're also in really good standing with 5* wing Jamier Jones. He's taken an unofficial back in November and according to The Big Spur has expressed interest in coming for an official visit. There are some other 4* players showing interest, but no talk about visits or top choices yet.
Man, I'm hoping that is the case. I'm really curious to see how we do against SEC competition here shortly. I'm a Gamecock fan, so I've been conditioned to expect the worse.
This is why these types of years do well for Gamecock fans, most had no expectations of any real success...
The talking heads didn't poison the season before it started, set up the boo birds and try to get clicks through division of the old and new asking why we will or will not, who will lead us or will not...
This team doesn't do one thing consistently very well but they do most things good as a team and if hitting on all cylinders will run just about any team in the country out of the Cock Pit!
They play defense as a team, pass to the open man, Cooper especially and they follow him, Meechie and Mack's lead.
For me the greatest thing about this team is even if Meechie or Cooper or Mack has an off night they can still win and that is a testament to Coach Paris!
Man, I'm hoping that is the case. I'm really curious to see how we do against SEC competition here shortly. I'm a Gamecock fan, so I've been conditioned to expect the worse.
I was on the edge of my seat the entire game Saturday and although I will be at home, I will probably be on the edge of my seat again tonight. A great offense against a great Defense is always an exciting game.
The more videos and articles I see about Ellis really have me excited about him becoming a Gamecock.
I watched his game the other night and he scored 3 points in the 1st half, he has a broken finger but came back in the 2nd half to hit 7 3's and put up 38, 23 in the 3rd quarter, all while never complaining, always hustling, playing D and handling the ball to dish out 9 my count 5 to his younger brother who kept his team in the game in the 1st half. He was playing against a team full of D1 recruits who looked in shock at his display, I will admit to picking up my jaw 😳 lol he is the real deal, reminds me of a humble Grayson Allen or Old school Mark Price
He put up 50 for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, his team plays in Lincolnton, NC on Tuesday against the 1st place team in OTE, his team is a .5 game behind them. The fireworks should be crazy, Eli leads the team in scoring at 33.1ppg and his little brother is top 5 in assists...
If you have Amazon Prime you can watch the OTE games, Eli plays for YNG Dreamerz and talked more shit than Larry Bird in the last game I watched. The other team started it after they blocked his shot and he went off after that lol 😆
Rumors Eli may reclassify and enroll soon... interesting Pitt transfer with ties to the Gamecocks
Reclassifying and coming in early seems to be a really hard process for most kids, that first year. Whether it emotional or physical maturity, that's such a big jump in level of competition. It usually pays dividends for their second season, but that first year could be tough.
Agree, he excelled at struggling to find his place at Elite and his 2nd season was a success, his brother is a baller as well. I think he can shoot and has a high IQ with some scrap on both ends, he showed no lack of effort or willingness to not be in the moment in the games I watched him play. Him and his brother seemed to relish in it, playing for a coach that doubles as a father to both. He scored and set up his teammates while running a team with his brother and fellow teammates as a JR in one of the most competitive leagues in America, winning MVP, leading the league in scoring and top 10 in assists... If he stays it will be hard to live up to that JR year but what a SR ride it could be with his brother and father.