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“Let It Be”
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Been gone a few months sorry about that; I just had a lot of things going on. In the past 4 or 5 months I have lost my Antie, my Mom, Uncle, and Sister. Not going to lie been tuff. I am a man of strong faith and needed to rely on him more than ever. The family I lost made me who I am today, all had a hand in keeping me on the right path in my long journey in life. I dearly miss them but I know I will see them all soon. I have some decisions to make and one regards the site's future. Not sure what lies ahead but I will let you know the future of the site soon. Glad to see the Gamecocks turn it around in football, The men's basketball future looks great, and seems baseball could be on a swing upward as well, and as always the Lady Gs look like champs again. Folks take care now.