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Just a couple questions about recruiting


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I saw this today...
A second 2026 recruit has posted about an offer from South Carolina director of player personnel Darren Uscher.

Keenan Britt, a four-star edge out of Oxford (Ala.) High School, posted about the Gamecocks offer on Tuesday night before tagging Uscher in the replies. Just a little earlier, Uscher was mentioned in an offer announcement by 2026 linebacker JaMichael Garrett, who's out of Gulf Shores (Ala.) High School.

I was just curious, do the other coaches get so many spots they can offer, or do they all have to go through Beamer? Darren is brand new and already making offers.

Does a school ever make more offers than they have scholarships for?

If a school made too many offers and they all get accepted, does the school then tell the players, "Sorry, we don't have room for you"?

I was just wondering a little more about how all this recruiting works?
Without even getting into the whole NIL issue. I know the players are not supposed to be getting offers, but i bet you a lot of them are. I wonder if Shamari Earls was given a NIL offer. He sure did seem committed before he left.
yes you send out technically more offers than you can accept. i cant speak to how we recruit specifically but you might tell 4 players youre recruiting at a position that you only have 1 or 2 spots at their position and it will go to whoever commits first. you also might accept a commitment early in the process from someone and you may lay out conditions on that commitment where if they dont perform they way you expected their senior year or there are things that come out that concern you, you then pull their offer. that can definitely be awkward but thats where being detail oriented, having good timing, being honest while knowing how to talk to people can help you navigate those tricky waters without burning bridges.

everything definitely goes through beamer but the director of player personnel is vital in scouting, day to day recruiting and long term recruiting and compliance so the coaches can identify the players they really want and make best use of their time while avoiding making compliance mistakes.