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MBB still ranked


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Ranked #24 for in AP and #23 is USA today coaches poll. Looking forward to what new players Lamont is able to bring in. Being ranked, hopefully they will keep CLA pretty filled up again.
I have had Football season tix for the last 4 years. I am pretty sure I will get season tickets for MBB this fall. It is hard to make the mid-week games, but over-all, having a season ticket will probably save me money. I went to 6 games this year and a couple cost pretty high to get lower level tickets.
Looking at it one more time...
Dawn's first Season 10-8
Lamont's first 11-20
Dawn's Second 14-15
Lamont's second 26-8
Dawn's Third 18-15
Lamont's ???
Who knows but I sure hope he gets us back in the Madness again. If he can keep us in the top 25 that is guaranteed.
Dawn's 4th year she went 25-10 and made it to the Tourney. She has been there every single year since and now has 3 Championships.
Wouldn't it be great if Lamont turned us into an every year tourney team.
Four of our 8 losses were to Tournament teams: Oregon, Vols (Sweet 16), Clemson (Elite 8), and Bama (Final Four).

Lamont was SEC Coach of the Year and one of four finalists for national COTY.

I am sure he will find us a great backcourt in the offseason with the clout he has right now.

This was the first year I have followed March Madness all the way through since our Final Four run back in 2017. Hopefully we draw a good pre-conference tournament invitation next season.
Already looking forward to the 24-25 season.
Home and Away against UGA UF and Miss St. We added Texas and Okl. to the schedule too.
If Coach Lamont keeps this team on track, we should have another really good season.


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