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The 2024-25 team


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The entire 2024-2025 roster is listed below, along with players' sizes, listed positions, eligibility, and numbers*:

#0 Jordan Butler, Sophomore Forward; 7'0", 240 pounds
#1 Jacobi Wright, Senior Guard; 6'2", 185 pounds
#2 Zach Davis, Junior Guard; 6'7", 200 pounds
#4 Weston Coggeshall, Freshman Guard; 6'2", 175 pounds
#5 Nick Pringle, Senior Forward; 6'10", 220 pounds
#6 Jamarii Thomas, Senior Guard; 5'10", 185 pounds
#10 Myles Stute, Senior Guard; 6'6", 210 pounds
#13 Austin Herro, Redshirt Freshman Guard; 6'1", 180 pounds
#14 Lance Piper, Freshman Guard; 6'5", 180 pounds
#15 Morris Ugusuk, Sophomore Guard; 6'4", 170 pounds
#21 Arden Conyers, Redshirt Freshman Guard; 6'7", 210 pounds
#23 Cam Scott, Freshman Guard; 6'6", 170 pounds
#30 Collin Murray-Boyles, Sophomore Forward; 6'7", 240 pounds
#31 Benjamin Bosmans-Verdonk, Senior Forward; 6'9", 240 pounds
#33 Okku Federiko, Freshman Forward; 6'10", 210 pounds

*It is important to note that player positions are only listed as "G" (guard) or "F" (forward). Wing players (even small forwards) are listed as guards, while centers are listed as forwards.
A couple of those guys, like Cam, need to put on a little size. I am 6'3". Back when I weighed 170, I was still skinny because of my height. Him being 6'6" he needs to be around at least 200.
I LOOOVE what I’m seeing Coach Paris do in recruiting and working the portal.

Look at the bigs right now as an example. Pringle and BBV give us experience (and I’m no BBV fan), and then you have Federicko and Jordan coming along and learning the ropes from those guys, continuing to set the table for the future.
Then you have Murray-Boyles, Davis and Stute to give experience and set the table with Conyers.
And the guards? We just get bigger and taller each year.
I’m excited with the pieces we have. I think we’ll likely be overlooked again, but will do EXACTLY what.we did last season.
i think cam can get by in the 170 range this year, ideally hes putting on a little more weight and strength before the season but i dont think its a huge concern. how successful he will be this year will be more dependent on his skill and athleticism. ugusuk put on 10 pound over his listed weight last year. really interested to see all the new guys and see how the returnees have improved.

yeah we now have the size athleticism and versatility to compete against anyone. i think the defense will be improved over last year simply because were a longer more athletic team. we go from last year having only 2 rim protectors in cmb and gray to this year having at least 3 not including federiko. last year sometimes we were using lineups with no rim protectors on the floor.

cooper will be a loss with his size in the backcourt and ability to guard multiple positions, but we also go from last year only have two 6'6" and above wing options to this year having 4. thomas averaged 2.1 steals last season but at 5'10" i think there are limitations there and we'll have to see how his defense translates. thats where i like the option of a defense first lineup if cam and/or ugusuk show they are capable ball handlers. then you can have length everywhere and go man to man or our zone and really make things difficult for the opposition.

zach was a good defender last year but there were times when he made too many bad gambles while also generally not forcing as many turnovers as he was capable. i hope to see more steals and blocks from him while being more sound at the same time. conyers and cam give us that length and athleticism we lacked on the wing when davis wasnt on the floor last year. stute will battle on that end but he has limitations athletically compared to the other 3.
Coach Paris has a squad, the SEC and country better recognize!!!

CMB reminds me of Carmelo Anthony and I think he leads this team to new heights this year with Jordan Butler and Pringle we have both talent and depth inside to go with the experience backcourt of Wright, Thomas, Stute and Davis who all bring it on both ends of the floor!

Look forward to seeing Cam, Okku, Morris and Arden this year, they will be the X factors!

With the length and athleticism of this team and the way Coach Paris coaches it will be difficult to score on them. The man to man/zone transition will be fun to watch with Davis or Cam up top and Butler, Pringle roaming the middle...

Need Thomas, Stute and Wright to be consistent knock down shooters or Cam, Davis and Morris will have to step up....maybe CMB and Butler...
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