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  1. College Football TV Lineup for this week

    My List 11AM Vandy Wake 12PM Huskers Colorado ND NC State 3:30 Ole Miss Tulane 5:15 App St Heels Back & Forth Texas Bama AZ MS State Paladins Cocks!
  2. Did anyone else see this?

    What are your thoughts?
  3. Outkick looks at Mr. Harbor
  4. Stay at 8 or move to 9 Game SEC Schedule?

    8 has a nice shape, I like 8
  5. Texas A&M did what to Mississippi State

    This is a funny story
  6. CFN Gamecock Preview
  7. Countdown to the 2023 Garnet and Black Spring Game

    Just spoke with someone at the Gamecock Club. I was told that because it is on SEC+ and E$PN+ no promo? He could give me no other explanation, however when pushed he did say pushback like mine (pay per view) was happening. That was my understanding.
  8. Dion strikes again!

  9. Dion strikes again!

    Agreed I moved from SC to Madison, MS in 99 and returned back home in 2014. The stories I can tell about JSU and Jackson in general. The climb he has to make in Colorado compared to JSU looks like the mountains that surround him. However I would not count him out just yet. Agreed I moved from...
  10. Dion strikes again!

    First it was wear the right socks or leave and go get them. Now well..........
  11. College Football Attendance Rankings: 2023 CFN Five-Year Program Analysis

    This is an interesting breakdown of attendance for 2022 across all of college football. Way to much to try to explain here, lets first digest the numbers and then try to break it down. Happy math...
  12. College Football Transfer Portal 2023: Every Team's Top Transfer You Should Know

    By Conference and school and position. South Carolina TE Trey Knox Former School: Arkansas Career Stats: 81 catches, 892 yards, 9 TD Biggest Transfer Portal Loss: EDGE Jordan...
  13. South Carolina Football Schedule 2023: Analysis, Breakdown, 3 Things To Know (USA TODAY Sports)
  14. CFN early 2023 ranking 20 South Carolina 2022: 12 2021: 37 2020: 81 2019: 70 2018: 69 20 South Carolina 2022: 12 2021: 37 2020: 81 2019: 70 2018: 69 College Football Rankings First Look: (8-5) Spencer Rattler...