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Another Sunday morning Gamecock football hangover


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The same as the ones before in some ways, better in others.

Here's how the rest of the SEC did this weekend:

9/16 - Final(14) LSU 41Mississippi St 14
9/16 - Final(15) Kansas St 27Missouri 30
9/16 - FinalSouth Carolina 14(1) Georgia 24
9/16 - Final(10) Alabama 17South Florida 3
9/16 - FinalUL Monroe 3Texas A&M 47
9/16 - Final(11) Tennessee 16Florida 29
9/16 - FinalSamford 13Auburn 45
9/16 - FinalVanderbilt 37UNLV 40
9/16 - FinalGeorgia Tech 23(17) Ole Miss 48
9/16 - FinalBYU 38Arkansas 31
9/16 - FinalAkron 3Kentucky 35

In the East, UK, Mizzou, and Vandy have yet to play their first conference games.

South Carolina0-11-21-00-10-17876L1

In the West, same for everyone else except for LSU and MSST.

Ole Miss0-03-02-01-00-015850W3
Texas A&M0-02-12-00-10-013261W1
Mississippi State0-12-12-10-00-09372L1

We know what our issues are. Just let the season play out.
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Felt good enough to mow the yard this morning. So a better kind of hangover today.

Go Cocks!!
Tough loss to the Gators. A winnable game.

I was very busy this past week. Got my Covid booster on Sunday and the flu shot on Tuesday. Gave the body a rest and slept for several hours on Saturday, so I missed the game.


Looking at the highlights from that perspective, I still see some positives:
  • I finally see an offensive identity that hasn't been there since Spurrier left because we are consistently executing. Super Mario had his moments and I am happy for him.
  • This is the closest we have come to looking like a legit SEC team and next year's recruiting class only makes things look better.
  • A great football game that we lost.
  • The moral victories always come before the consistent wins start to happen in a rebuild and I do think our season turns around going forward and stays there.
  • Shane has recruited far better in 3 years than Muschamp did his entire time here.
I don't see why we can't win the next two games on the road at Mizzou and TAMU.
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Like your optimism, but 2 wins on the road with the D performance overall we just witnessed will be difficult. O will have to carry us and some lucky breaks go our way.
Like your optimism, but 2 wins on the road with the D performance overall we just witnessed will be difficult. O will have to carry us and some lucky breaks go our way.
Oh, I know.

What's weird is I keep seeing that GEICO commercial about the family liking their new house, but they have invasive weeds.

"Should I get the spray stuff?"
"Yes, get the spray stuff!"

Then the father comes out to his driveway.

"Stay away from my family!"
"Why are you SO STRONG!!"

We're like the family in that GEICO commercial. The weeds just keep kicking our ass. LOL
Not quite as optimistic about the future as you are kingofnerf. What I saw Saturday were two really bad defensive teams -- with ours being the "baddest". I agree, our offense looks good; however, we are still going to max out with 4 wins this season with maybe the best pure passing QB we have ever had (not replacing Shaw as our best overall QB) and Rattler is gone next year. I think we have options for QB going forward next year, but we will be without Legette, Brown, and probably Wells. We won't have Anderson next year, who is our only SEC running back, and frankly the cupboard is just plain empty, with no foreseeable replacements.

The defense looks just totally lost -- no pressure from the line, and the secondary is just AWOL. I think there will need to be coaching changes before this unit improves.

And finally, I'm worried about keeping our '24 class when we finish 4-8. So at least for the moment, I'm not excited about the future.
I think the Florida loss must have taken the wind out of the team's sails and broke their spirit a good bit. Shane was so upset he kicked a trash can or something and broke his foot.

I like both the coaches and players, so I'm not gonna slam 'em. Just going to give them time to improve and start getting the wins again.