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Blackstone Griddle

that awesome! it looks like we were looking in the same price thing I normally never buy is extended warranties but we did for the appliances (thank goodness) Is Thermador the high end brand of bosch? Our last dishwasher was bosch and it was still going strong so we kept it over in the corner to now have two dishwashers...I never knew that you could spend more on appliances than on a vehicle! Our salesperson sounds just like yours...we looked at Subzero (couldn't afford), Thermador, Wolf, GE Monogram, some type of Kitchen Aid and Jenn Air...we went Jenn Air and based on the Fridge not sure it was the best idea but we needed counter depth
Yeah, Thermadore is owned by Bosch. My wife loved the wolf range (as expected they are in every home catalog you look at) and I thought I wanted the Bluestar, until I played with it a bit, and realized open burners would be a total PITA to clean. Thermadore makes really nice stuff, and they actually have a package now where if you buy the range and fridge you get a free dishwasher and was #2 on the list. I liked the burners better on the Wolf, the salesman said they had more service techs for wolf with shorter service times and he called them less; and finally the wait for Thermadore was longer. The price was fairly similar so we went Wolf range, Cove dishwasher and the Bosch refer. The wolf products have a standard 5 year warranty so, not sure I need an extension on it.

If your still looking for a fridge, check out the Bosch 800 (we ordered the 4 door) it’s counter depth and, like sub zero, has two compressors one for fridge the other for the freezer. I have yet to actually use it obviously, but it has great reviews online.
I have always been one of those folks that would rather pay a little extra to a small business if they knew what they were doing rather than take the info they gave me and then screw them over by buying from a big box store.

What I have also learned to do, however, is to pay attention to the online reviews on the big box sites. Online reviews are pretty standard on web sites now. Usually you can wade through enough of the reviews to make the right purchasing decisions.

Great reviews on the Blackstone items and enough people mentioned the importance using their seasoning stuff that I felt good about buying it and then could explain it to my BIL so he knew what to do.
Yeah, with you on the mom and pop shops, and I’ve gone crosseyed reading reviews and reports on appliances.
They ordered a stand for the one I got them from Blackstone and are waiting for that to come before they season it.

My birthday is Monday, so hopefully we can use it for some birthday grillin' next weekend.
I have had some incredible steaks on my Blackstone. I season them, then pour melted butter on them and put them back in the fridge. The butter congeals, and then I fire up the griddle as hot as I can, and then drop them on there. They sear beautifully, and I keep scooping the melted butter and spices up and pour them over the steaks again.
I got this really nice stainless one with the cover at Sam's on sale for $299 about a year or so ago. I love it.
I cooked Salmon filets on it last night. Heat it up, 4 mins. on each side and they are fully cooked delicious.
I try to be like the Japanese chef at the restaurant when I do stir fry, etc.
And yes, it is great for cooking breakfast. You can be doing sausage or bacon on one side, pancakes in the middle, and eggs on the other side.
Be careful to get it seasoned right and keep it right. My wife got some kind of paste that works great.


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Here's a shot of some okra my BIL cooked on the griddle I gave him for Christmas.


It was probably the best okra I have ever had. I think the different oil they used for the griddle may had something to do with it, too.

They got the stand kit for it and then someone gave him an extra cover they had to keep it dry.
Ok, I love optical illusions. Is the dress black and blue or white and gold? Is the vegetable on the grill okra or squash?
As a matter of fact it did. LOL

It took me a while to remember what it was when I was posting the pic. Even then I got it wrong. :)

Best-tasting squash I ever had. LOL
I do a mix of yellow squash, zucchini, onion and mushrooms on the is amazing! Broccoli does well too
There used to be a steakhouse in Greenville called T-Bones, that would serve grilled squash, zucchini, onion and mushrooms over a baked potato. Now that was some good eating.
There used to be a steakhouse in Greenville called T-Bones, that would serve grilled squash, zucchini, onion and mushrooms over a baked potato. Now that was some good eating.
That sounds good.

My favorite thing is prime rib with a baked potato with A-1 sauce on both of them, plus a dark beer or two. Guiness is great. So is Yuengling. I suppose Yuengling has never had to advertise that much because those who care know how good it is with food.

I was treated to restaurant-served salmon and Yuengling for my birthday in February. A very smooth combination.