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Charlie Watts dead

Not just the musicians, but the engineers, songwriters, and producers (who played crucial roles in the hit songs back in the day) will be gone soon, too.

One of my favorite Charley Watts stories is one night he was hanging out in his room (probably listening to jazz) in the hotel, while on tour.  He get's a late night phone call from Mick, who is partying, wanting to know where his drummer is.  According to the story, Watts gets dressed in a coat and tie and heads down to the party where he confronts Jagger and tells him never call him "his" drummer again and punches him in the face.  As he is walking away, he throws over his shoulder, "remember, you're just my singer".

Keith Richards said in 1979: “Everybody thinks Mick and Keith are the Rolling Stones. If Charlie wasn’t doing what he’s doing on drums, that wouldn’t be true at all. You’d find out that Charlie Watts is the Stones.”