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Coach Beamer updates South Carolina injuries before Tennessee


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Coach Beamer updates South Carolina injuries before Tennessee

Sept. 28, 2023

The Gamecocks seem to be getting one of their key playmakers back for a trip up to Tennessee while one of their key pieces still out. Shane Beamer, speaking on his weekly Carolina Calls show with Todd Ellis, said Ahmarean Brown should be available this week. Brown’s missed the bulk of the last three games dealing with a hamstring injury.

He also reaffirmed Juice Wells will be out this week with that foot injury and that a few guys who are banged up should be available like David Spaulding and OD Fortune. The only real question mark right now is offensive guard Jakai Moore.

“They’re doing OK. AB practiced every day this week. He’ll be available on Saturday night. O’Donnell practiced every day, Spaulding practiced every day. All three of those guys will be available. Are they 100 percent? No. But they’re fine in order to play Saturday,” Beamer said.

“I would say Jakai is questionable right now. But if he’s not able to go that means Trovon Baugh will be there at right guard. Tro played most of the game against Mississippi State after Jakai got banged up and has done a great job. He’ll do a great job Saturday if he’s in there.”
It is starting to feel like we will not have Juice this season. It would be so awesome to have him and Legette in the field at the same time.