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Poll How would you rate coach Beamer's tenure so far at Carolina?


How would you rate coach Beamer's tenure so far at Carolina?

  • Excellent

    Votes: 14 37.8%
  • So far so good

    Votes: 23 62.2%
  • Poor

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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How would you rate coach Beamer's tenure so far at Carolina?

So far so good
Good so far, but Muschamp looked pretty good after season 2. Not saying Beamer will go the same route. Just that it's too early to really tell. Good start, but next 2-3 years will be key to sustain and improve.
so far so good.

My reasoning is that the win totals are nothing to discount. He will improve in my eyes if he can start recruit top ten classes at least every three years and top twenty classes the rest of the time. You need those top recruits (and transfers) in order to win - there is no way around that. The SEC is unforgiving in this aspect. His hiring of Dowell Loggains is a brave and high risk choice when he could have went the safe route and chased proven experienced major five OC candidates that wanted the job. We will see how that plays out.

I like going to bowls game and I like our team winning more than they lose so it is so good so far for me.
Considering what Muschamp left behind, and the miserable reputation we had nationwide, and the fact that Shane had never even been a head coach, or asst. head coach, I think he is doing EXCELLENT.
I mean in 2 years we are a ranked team. I see us winning 10 games this year but there is no one that knows if we can somehow, not only win the ones we should, but pull off a couple more upsets. I do not think we are up to caliber with Georgia yet, but with the recruits we are getting, we are getting close. We have upset them plenty before. I think we will get Clemsux here at home. UT will be tough up there. But if we could upset them 10 wins will be easy. Upset GA and UT and the SEC east should be in the cards.