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Jontae Gilbert takes another visit to USC Gamecocks


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Jontae Gilbert takes another visit to USC Gamecocks​

SPORTSTALK / July 27, 2023
1690559600832.pngCB/SAF Jontae Gilbert (6-1 175) of Atlanta will be one of the top prospects in the 2025 class and hotly pursued by some of the nation’s top programs, despite the fact he committed to Ohio State July 29th of 2022. The strength of that commitment is being challenged, especially by USC.

Thursday Gilbert made another visit to see Gamecocks head coach Shane Beamer and secondary coach Torian Gray. He also visited in early April, for the spring game in mid-April and in early June.

“It was great, it really felt like home to be honest,” Gilbert said. “I talked to all of the defensive coaching staff, and they said I’m a priority for them on defense, so that was good. They said they would use me as a utility guy all over the field.”

Gilbert said what’s attracting him to USC is that he sees a program where the coaches can get him to the next level, and for him that means the NFL.

“That’s why I’m really looking into the program. I feel like Coach Gray and Coach Beamer can do that,” Gilbert said. “I enjoy the tradition they have there. They recruit in Georgia heavy, so that’s good. They have some people there I can relate to, so that’s good.”

Gilbert has not disavowed his commitment to the Buckeyes at this point, but he’s not hiding from the fact that he’s still active on the recruiting market and checking out other options.

“My recruiting is starting to shake up. A lot of schools are starting to come at me heavy, so I’m just taking my visits to see what’s best so I can make the right choice,” Gilbert said. “I’m going to Georgia Tech Saturday and then I’m done until the season starts. I’ll be back to South Carolina for the Clemson game for sure and most likely a game before that.”