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People need to give Lamont a little time.


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If Lamont does like Dawn did her first couple seasons, he may be able to build a team here.
Her 1st year Dawn was only 10-18. Lamont was 11-21 and won at UK.
Her 2nd year she was only 14-18. Hope Lamont can somehow be at least that or better,
Her 3rd she finally had a winning season, 18-15.
It was her 4th year before she made the NCAA tournament. She has been a winner since.
Lamont can tell the recruits he wants them to help him do just like the ladies did and work on a dynasty. Maybe he can recruit some more like GG and keep things improving each year.
I liked Beamer, but never expected him to do what he is doing with our football team. Well Lamont is close with Shane and Dawn
Give him a little time. He might impress all of us too.