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Spurrier’s Gridiron Grille

Well no wonder we got dinged from the NCAA when Jerri Spurrier gave our players some cookies, according to the desert menu, they're valued at $2/piece.

I wish the Head Ball Coach well, I've always heard that it is awfully difficult to make a profit with restaurants -- especially personality themed restaurants (but it is Gainesville).

This was a cool place.  Multilevel with rooftop bar and a couple of outside bars.  My shrimp and grits were excellent. I got to chat with SOS for a bit.  Bama was coming to town the next day and he brought up them coming into Columbia 11 years ago and leaving with their tail between their legs.  He also mentioned that they have been discussing bring one of these restaurants to Columbia.  I like the idea.  Even in the midst of this Gator hangout Carolina visors and helmets were in his cases along with his Heisman.  I was shocked to see how hobbled he was.  Age is catching up with SOS