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Taters Leaving the ACC - Next Month?

Who knows man? Where are they going to go? I don't see the SEC in the cards, at least not anytime soon with Tex and Oky joining. Big 19 or whatever the Big 10 is now?
The SEC took a long time just bringing in Tx and Ok. It had been in the rumors for a couple years before it was announced, and it is still taking a couple years before they actually come onboard. They are not about to just go out and grad up teams just because they just left their old league. It takes years of planning.

I really do not think Clemson is ready for the beat down they would take....
Clemson has a losing record against every SEC school except for South Carolina. (Well, and Mississippi State, which it's 1-1-1 against). Overall, the Tigers are 112-160-14 against the SEC. Do you think they want to line up against Alabama, Auburn and Georgia every year?
Check it out:

Alabama (3-12)
Auburn (11-33)
Florida (3-9)
Georgia (17-41)
Kentucky (5-8)
LSU (0-2)
Mississippi (0-2)
Mississippi State (1-1-1)
South Carolina (65-38)
Tennessee (6-11)
Vanderbilt (1-3)

If they came to the SEC they would be like another Vanderbilt for most of their competitors. I know the money is great in the SEC, but I just don't think Clemson is ready to face the SEC competition. It took us a bunch of years ourselves and we are still fighting to get to the top.