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USC football players react to new LED lights


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Less than a month from the season opener, Gamecock football fans are anticipating a first look at the team but also, but it will be the first look at a popular stadium renovation. In June, videos circulated on social media showing off the new LED lights in Williams-Brice Stadium, garnering interest from South Carolina fans. The installation began in May. The lights will be used first at the 7 p.m. Sept. 3 opener against Georgia State. They will flash garnet and white and cover the stands and the field.

The videos that circulated the internet showed flashy patterns of movement from the LED lights, with the colors moving throughout the bulbs. This added to the anticipation of seeing them live. For Gamecock quarterback Luke Doty, the true impact won’t be felt until game time.

“A video is one thing, but I think once 80,000 fans are in there and we’re under the lights, it’s a great atmosphere,” Doty said. “I think it’s just going to be amplified.” A few of the players spoke of their excitement for the upgrade, citing the marketability of the stadium with the new lights. “I think it will help a lot, especially with the recruiting aspect,” graduate tight end Nate Adkins said. “And the fan environment. It’s all about the new experience with the fans.”

Nice that will be a wild look on Saturday nights Gamecock Football!smilies/game.gif smilies/cocks.
Those things can synched with any song.

Most folks haven't been to the CLA, but there is a smartphone Gamecock app that synchs the phone flashlight function with what's playing on the multimedia pre-game stuff.

The 2001 entrance for night games will be pretty cool if that synch the new lights with the music.