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Who should be the next Baseball head coach?


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Tony Vitello is at UT. His record is 287-110 since he has been there. But the thing to look at is his history.
Tony had never been a head coach before UT hired him. In his 2nd year he had them in a Regional. In his 4th year they went to the world series. The next year made a Super and was in the world series again his 6th year.
How is his 7th year going? He has them ranked in the top 5 and back in a Super this year. Probably back on the way to the World series.

He had never been a head coach. But he did have lots of recruiting experience.
I think giving Landon Powell a shot would be a great hire. He has not been a D1 head coach but he does have recruiting experience and winning experience.
No sense hiring someone that has been at it for years and years, already has a high salary, and still has not made regular appearances at the world series and if they have, why are they wanting to move? How much would they cost?

Hire Landon, offer him about $500K to start and see where it goes.
At some point in the season, you didn't really know who was wearing the paints on the coaching staff. Williams would go out to the mound to make a pitching change instead of the head coach and more than one TV broadcaster commented on that.

I think it all comes back to good pitching, whether in batting practice or a real game. Guys have to practice against good motion in batting practice to prepare them for game day.

Maybe Lee saw some things that weren't being done right, but was overruled by Williams and Kingston. Along those lines I would say give Monte a chance if he thinks he could have done it better as our HC this year.

Win-one/lose-one types of seasons are tough on everyone emotionally, but it seemed the team stuck together this season, so I think we have to keep Monte one way or the other. He also has his finger on the pulse of in-state recruiting as well. We need to hang onto Monte Lee in some fashion.
Look at Tom Corbin and Vandy's mediocre season this year compared to how they were when they had Kumar Rocker and a couple of others several years ago.

It all starts with great pitching. Bring in someone who's had a solid pitching staff the last few years.
Monte Lee (HC), Jim Thoman and Landon Powell. Put the Tanner “band” (circa 2002/2003, in a solid run at the Natty season) back together and see what happens.

Gives LP a chance to test the waters at the D1 level and potentially slide into the HC spot later.
My takeaway is that whoever is the next coach, they will need NIL money to compete. Welcome to the new landscape of sports.
While there is SOME merit to that statement, I think the NIL thing is overblown in college baseball. Yes, some guys will go to greener pastures b/c there is more “green” to be had. But with the Gamecock program, there is a rabid fan base AND heritage/prestige behind the team. Young HS guys look at the program and see a beautiful ballpark and a chance to rebuild what once was. The loyalty is almost as much to the program as it is to the coaches. That’s why some of the young recruits are speaking up about Monte Lee being the next HC right now. He would be a great choice, but the incoming players see that he’s a great FIT as well… gets the history and gets the necessary recruiting. He understands the CULTURE, as he’s a State of SC Homer.
Maybe our AD should follow the trailblazers in this area. Hell, we already have him under contract.


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As I ponder this more and more, and read more and more articles about it, here is my thought.

I am thinking give Monte the HC position on a 3–4-year contract. His first 4 years at Clemson he got them to the NCAA Regionals. When he was first an asst. here, 2003-2008, we made the NCAA all 5 years and made the CWS 2 of those years. Given, Tanner was the HC, but he knows what it takes to get there.

But I also feel Tanner should encourage him to hire Landon as his Hitting Coach. Powell was a leading offensive threat. He finished with a career batting average of .306 as a switch-hitting catcher, with 44 home runs, 61 doubles, and 193 RBI. He is also a good recruiter. He has gotten some good players to play at a D-2 school.
He was drafted in the 1st round of the MLB.
I would be okay with Monte, but you would have to look at what recruits a new assistant would bring on board as well.

...or would you, given how much instability the portal has caused in college sports these days.

To me, that makes talent development more important than it has been in the days before the portal.
I don't think you worry until after the College World Series is over and time passes. Two items in play, don't want to make an announcement that may overshadow the playoffs (maybe not so much a factor for us anymore -- once it would have been a big story). And secondly, if any of the staff are under consideration from a playoff team, it may be difficult to get proper interviews. Even if the leading candidate is Lee, you should still go through the due diligence process.

Just five days after Kingston was fired, pitcher Teddy Garner, a recruit expected to join the team, decommitted.

Three current players—Tristan Salinas, Tyler Zedalis, and Carson Hornung—entered the transfer portal after the coaching change. Their decisions to leave add to the team’s challenges.

Even before Kingston was fired, pitcher Peyton Rogers had already decommitted. Jackson Phipps, Austin Williamson, and Jevarra Martin had also announced they would leave through the transfer portal before the firing.
I mean he has plenty of experience and a great history, but is he ready for full time coaching again? I guess with 2 great assistants he might be fine. I hope he finds a good pitching coach and some good pitchers.