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Anyone else have something on the smoker today

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Got up early to fire up the smoker. Have a 6 lbs Boston Butt. Dry rubbed it yesterday, and the smoker after 6 this morning. Will be delicious BBQ in about 8 more hrs.

Anyone else have the smoker going? Anything else you plan to grill / cook today?

Happy 4th!
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Looks awesome!

We opted for the easy way out this year. Picked up 2 pounds of Q from Piggie Park along with a pint of hash. Menu consisted of BBQ, hash and rice, baked beans, corn on the cob, potato salad, brown rice, rolls and strawberry short cake for desert.
I made hamburgers on my George Foreman grill.

I almost started to chop up the meat for chili, but then I remembered I didn't have any chili sauce, so I just went with burgers instead.

Those GF grills are awesome. If you get the right kind of thick-cut old skool fries to pop in the oven, it's better than any fast-food burger.
I'll tell that it stopped raining for a bit (fingers crossed), I'll be making some shotgun shells and brats this weekend!
I might try the Spambalaya thing that somebody used to have on CT this weekend to see if it's good for gameday.

I also have a hankerin' for some chicken bog, too, but I don't know to make it on my own.
Make my own.

Don't remember the ratios off the top of my head - but basically
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
Black Pepper
Not sure what area you are from, but Food Lion has Boston Butts on sale for $0.99/lb now.
I think this recipe works pretty can play around with some of the ingredients or quantities:

My recipe is similar, except I don't do celery in it. I love celery, but I don't think it works with chicken bog. I also like to use andouille instead of regular smoked sausage. Either way, chicken bog is a pretty forgiving recipe.
We smoked hamburgers this past weekend, and then used some to make hamburger steaks that we served with Jasmine rice and a mushroom, garlic, and onion gravy.